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xRobert Richmond

Future Look: OpenGL 2.0

April 2002

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OpenGL has been a primary component of three dimensional rendering technology since its inception in 1991.  OpenGL is implemented in a wide variety of applications, ranging from professional design software to multimedia presentations to interactive games.  Currently available as version 1.3, OpenGL has proven to adapt with the evolution of graphics hardware, though its age is becoming starkly apparent as compared to Microoft's latest DirectX D3D technology.  In hopes of revitalizing the decade old standard, 3Dlabs recently offered a proposal outlining the features of a possible OpenGL 2.0 revision.

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The concept of a proposal as compared to a standard needs to be clearly defined for the purposes of this preview article.  The OpenGL 2.0 topicalities presented here are from a preliminary discussion text from 3Dlabs.  Many vendors usually submit discussion texts and/or proposals during the OpenGL ratification process, then an appointed governing committee will analyze the various aspects of the given information before reaching an agreement about the final published standard.  Since the OpenGL 2.0 development process is essentially in its preliminary stages, the information presented within this text will likely undergo multiple changes before a final OpenGL 2.0 specification is adopted for industry use.
About 3Dlabs

3Dlabs has been a long-time contributor to the OpenGL community by providing advanced 3D hardware solutions to the professional market place.  3Dlabs graphics accelerators are commonly utilized for computer-aided design, multimedia development, and special effects rendering.  3Dlabs technology can also be found in many non-PC devices like military aircraft and personal cell phones.  3Dlabs is a wide market corporation with operations currently in Alabama, California, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.


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