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Romulus 2 - Site News
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A New Website dedicated to Computers in the UK !!

29 December 1999

Hello and a very warm Welcome!

This brand new website fills a gap in the web - FREE technical support for British PC owners. While there are already a number of sites devoted to providing FREE general help and technical support for American and other computer users, this site is geared mainly for those of us living in the British Isles.

Many of the aspects of computing are quite different in Britain to the rest of the world. General news, the introduction of new technology, access to the Internet, manufacturers, legal issues, prices, product availability and so on are very often uniquely our own.

Nevertheless, having said that, we would like to make it clear that ALL people of ALL nationalities are every bit as welcome to visit and share in this website. Please feel free to come in and make it your home. Take your shoes off, sit back and relax!

As we said, this site is NEW - and it is still very much in the teething stages. Its scope is ambitious - the provision of computer news, reviews, support and discussions - but that demands an enormous amount of input. If you like the basic idea, there are several ways in which you can support the site:

  • Simply visit us
  • Make a post to the Forums
  • Make a written contribution: submit an article or a review of either hardware or software products you've used
  • Make constructive criticisms or suggestions

Any one of those contributions (or all, if you're feeling generous!) is warmly appreciated. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for visiting Romulus 2. Remember, the site is still being developed. So please visit again - as often as you like.

Remember too, that this is YOUR site. It is the product of all those who contribute to it - whether by merely posting a question in the Forums or by submitting a review of something you've used. If you feel there should be a new feature added to the site or an alteration, let us know! And if you like the site, tell your friends.

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