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Reference: LGH240

Rare Egyptian lamp in askos form

Period: Ptolemaic / Roman

Origin: Lower Egypt

Date: 150 BC – 100 AD

Traglampe (related to 'boot-shaped' type) in the style of an askos (squat jug). Large wick-hole; no separate filling hole.

Fabric: Reddish-brown clay.

Manufacture: Formed in vertical mould.

Size: L. 10.5 cm, H. 7.3 cm

Condition: Intact, very minor chips to wick-hole rim.

Sorry, this item has been sold.

Cf. (related type) BMC III, Q1992-6; Hayes, 192-5; Petrie Museum, UC54146; Mlasowsky, 343, 345, 349; (metal) BMC IV, Q3719.

The generic term 'Traglampe' refers here to a type of Egyptian lamp that could be carried or suspended by means of a rod, pierced extension or handle rising above its body.

This example was described by Donald Bailey (British Museum) as a "lamp copied from form of metal askos common in Ptolemaic Egypt, last two centuries BC" (pers. comm. 22-4-2006) and features a bar handle which emulates those typically fitted on contemporary metal askoi, such as the one depicted in a mosaic found at Alexandria (Walker & Higgs 2001).

(* Despite Bailey's assertion, I personally think this object may actually be an askos rather than a lamp and it is being sold with that in mind.)

Acquired 2006 from private collection in Bedford; said to have come "from the antique shop opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge" in the 1960s.

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