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Henty & Jackson - Ancient Art, Antiquities and Antiques

Henty & Jackson specialise in Roman lamps but also offer a range of other affordable artefacts from the Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Byzantine world in addition to fine antiques. All items are fully researched and guaranteed authentic.

Roman Lamps

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Ref: LR222 
Roman lamp: erotic figure playing lyre
Pottery lamp with concave discus depicting ithyphallic ...

Mid-late 1st century AD


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Ref: LRB212 
Byzantine Christian lamp of Apamea type
A good example of a documented type, the large filling-hole ...

Northern Levant (Apamea area), Late 5th - early 6th century AD


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Ref: LRB207 
Roman lamp with profile bust
North African Red Slipware lamp, the discus depicting ...

North Africa, 350 ? 400 AD


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Ref: SBT151 
Victorian silver mustard pot 1898
Victorian sterling silver mustard pot, the pierced body on ...

Birmingham, 1898


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Ref: LRB213 
Large Byzantine lamp
Large impressive example with band of ridges to shoulder ...

Northern Levant, 6th - 7th century AD


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Ref: LBI134 
Early saucer lamp
Shallow bowl with no defined rim, pinched to form single ...

Palestine, 1200 - 900 BC


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Ref: LRB208 
Byzantine Christian lamp with face on handle
A well-documented type from this region, the thick ...

Northern Levant (Antioch area), Late 5th - 6th century AD


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Ref: ANT216 
Etruscan terracotta antefix
Etruscan large terracotta antefix, formed as anthemion, the ...

Italy, 4th - 3rd centuries BC


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Ref: SBT242 
–new test for img·@import url(./rte/); @import ...


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Ref: LRB214 
Byzantine Christian lamp
Boat-shaped type with elaborated cross on base.

Northern Levant, Late 5th - 6th century AD


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