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Romulus 2 is one of the oldest websites catering to computer enthusiasts in the UK.

In addition to news, guides, surveys and a popular forum, the site features the famous
Feedback Arena, a dynamically generated user reviews section where firms (computer retailers, ISPs, etc.) are ranked on "hit parade" charts according to the ratings and comments given to them by the public - unique in the UK. Annual awards are given to the three highest firms in each category.

Feedback Arena

David Knell x xxx (RomQ)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxChief Editor
David Knell was born in England but has sampled the cultures of other countries from an early age.

Two of his earliest years were spent in Singapore (he learned to count in Chinese before he could in English) and most of the remainder of his childhood and adolescence was based in Canada, first in Montreal and later in Toronto. It is probably due to that Canadian upbringing that he still finds it difficult to say words like "lorry" or "telly" with a straight face!
His major interest, apart from computers, is in English country furniture. In addition to contributing many articles on the subject to various periodicals and academic journals, he wrote a monthly column in a specialist magazine and has so far had three books published. He was formerly a specialist consultant to Sotheby's and is presently the furniture consultant to the Mary Rose Trust.

He blames his avid interest in computers on genetics; his father was an aircraft design engineer specialising in electronics. Nevertheless, he has managed to combine his enthusiasm for antiques and for modern technology by researching the history and methods of the earliest computing machines. His small collection of electronic dinosaurs includes an Altair 8800, one of the very first personal computers.

His first love has always been hardware but he is beginning to find the software side, particularly the exciting potential of the Internet, even more compelling. In addition to running his own business, he currently works for a large computer firm in the south of England.

Paul Goodwin xxxxx(Bungee)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSenior Editor
Paul Goodwin was born in Norfolk, England. He stayed there until he went to University in Cambridge. And no, not one of the posh ones! One called Anglia University. He gained his BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in 1998, and on his first interview (lucky chap) got a job at an IT Consultancy firm based in Harlow, near London.
He was straightaway contracted out to British Telecom and relocated himself to Ipswich in Suffolk, England. He has been working at the BT Research and Development centre (which is the largest R&D site in Europe) for over one and a half years now, doing computer system testing and integration work. This included doing ten months on a very important Y2K compliance project within the company.

In his spare time, he likes playing around on his computer (of course!), which includes surfing the net and playing nice-looking games with flashy graphics! Paul has always liked computers from an early age, ever since he first had a ZX Spectrum, and has never looked back since. He is a bit of a PC hardware junkie and loves constantly upgrading his system, including buying far too many different graphics cards and buying more RAM than he could possibly ever use.

He also loves listening to music and going to see as many films at the cinema as he can. Although he enjoys travelling, he hasn't been abroad for several years and is having a great life in the south east of England.

Alan Bryer xxxxx(Al-Ferret)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAssociate Editor
Alan Bryer was born in Essex, England, and was educated at Chafford Park School in Dovercourt. He gained various qualifications in the building trade (but gave up on that idea due to the UK's inclement weather). He also attained a good knowledge in technology and electronics. While there, he enjoyed most sporting activities, including badminton and cricket. He had a strong interest in running, participating in over fifteen half marathons and one full one, as well as countless cross country runs. He moved to Nottingham in 1998.
Having worked in various fields in his younger years he has now settled for working with wood and is a supervisor with a local firm which produces high quality solid furniture for hotels/corporate and trade (at a price). His computing experience didn't start until the mid/late 80s, with his first computer a Vic20. He has done a little programming in Basic but prefers to stick his head in the oven and play with the hardware instead.

In his spare time he enjoys surfing the web and building computers for other people as a profitable sideline. He also enjoys learning about anything connected with technology, as well as sci-fi. On top of his computer commitments he is trying to write a book, which has been in the making for about four years and with which he hopes to make his millions.

Robert Richmond xxxxx(RobRich)xxxxxxxxxxxAssociate Editor

Robert Richmond was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. (That's the United States for all of my friends on the other side of the pond.) Currently, Robert holds Associate of Science degrees in Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Scientific Application Development. His background experience in IT-related journalism extends to other well-recognised sites, such as, and

Robert offers a rather untraditional approach to computers, as he is often more interested in "why" a device works rather than "how" it works. It is this type of unique curiosity combined with his practical computer knowledge and a wide variety of market contacts that makes him a welcomed addition to the Romulus 2 team. Ever since his first Intel 8086-1 system in the mid 80s, he has been attracted to the hardware aspects of the computing realm as not only a hobby but now a career as well.

Robert passes his free time by having as much fun as possible. He enjoys fast cars, loud music, Asian sci-fi anime and is no doubt an Internet addict. Even though Robert resides in the mountains of the south eastern US, he can often be found lounging about the sunny beachfront shores of southern Florida.

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