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xDavid Knell

How to make your own system logo for Windows


Ever wondered how computer manufacturers put their own company name and logo onto the System Properties window?

(Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select Properties to see yours. It's on the General tab.)
The good news is you can change it. You might be tired of seeing the company logo or, if you built your computer yourself and the space is just blank, you might want to put your own logo there.


Before we go any further however, please take note:

  • Some companies may well take exception to you removing their company name and logo. It may even invalidate your warranty.
  • The procedure calls for adjustments to two files in your Windows directory. Only proceed if you are absolutely confident with what you are doing!


Step One: Oeminfo.ini

Find a file named Oeminfo.ini in the System folder of your Windows directory and open it in Notepad. You should see something like this (this is the Windows 98 version):

[Support Information]

Manufacturer=Romulus 2

Before changing anything, first make a backup copy (just in case you change your mind!). Create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive, name it "OEM Originals" and save a copy of the file into it.

On the original file, delete any present values you want to after the equals signs (don't touch the equals signs themselves or anything before them), insert your own text and save the changed file. (In the above example, we left all blank except the Manufacturer= value.)

Note: You must put some text after the Manufacturer= or the logo will not work.

Step Two: Oemlogo.bmp

Find a file named Oemlogo.bmp in the System folder of your Windows directory. Save a copy of it into the OEM Originals folder you created in Step One. (If you don't have such a file already, don't worry. In the next step, we're going to create one.)

Now for the fun part - making your own logo! Create whatever design you want and save it as follows:

  • Save your new creation as a BMP (bitmap) and name it Oemlogo.bmp
  • Ideally, the size should be 180 pixels wide by 114 pixels high. No larger!

Save (or copy) your new file into the System folder of your Windows directory, replacing the original file of that name if you had one.

That's it!

The Romulus 2 Logo

If you like the Romulus 2 logo we created for the example at the top of this page , copy the following image onto your hard drive (right click it and select Save Picture As ... in Internet Explorer or Save Image As ... in Netscape). Save it as a bitmap or, if you saved it as a GIF, open your copy in a graphics program (such as Paint) and save it as a 256 Color Bitmap: Oemlogo.bmp

Simply move the file into the System folder of your Windows directory. The image is already the correct size.

Note: The Romulus 2 logo is a transparent bitmap (the central design is surrounded by a transparent border that will assume any background colour). If you save your copy as anything other than a 256 Color Bitmap the border may change to an opaque white which will look ugly in your System Properties!

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