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Setting up a simple home network using your ISP

A simple home network can be connected using the following method if you have access to more than one IP address from your internet service provider. Some ISPs charge very little or nothing for multiple static IP addresses. My ISP provides up to four IP addresses so I chose to use this method rather than setting up proxy servers and having one computer with two network cards, not to mention saving money by not having to buy extra software. It only takes minutes to set this up. A hub, some network interface cards and some NON-crossover Ethernet cable is all you will need.

Here's how my home network is set up to the Internet through a cable modem:

This home network of three computers (one Win98 and two Win95b) consists of a cable modem connected to the uplink port on a hub. From there, each computer is connected to an open port on the hub and each has it's own IP address enabled in the network settings. All computers can access the Internet through their own NICs (Network Interface Cards) - one in each computer - which are all bound to the TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocols.

TCP/IP is NOT bound to anything and
NetBIOS over TCP/IP in NOT enabled. Windows will think you are nuts for not binding anything to TCP/IP, and will ask you, "You have not selected any drivers to bind with. Would you like to select one now? ". Just say no.

NetBEUI is bound to file and print sharing and client for Microsoft networks. This keeps your network from becoming part of the Internet and is necessary for security. Use the Windows Logon when setting up the Primary Network Logon for the network settings in the control panel. This is an easy and effective means to have a LAN while maintaining security. Each computer has access to the Internet and each computer can access each other's drives through the network neighbourhood. It's still advised to have a good firewall program installed on each computer.

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