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What a Site !

After all these years of standing on windy stations, are you finally getting fed up with the myopic passion of trainspotting? You can now broaden your horizons and join the blood-curdling world of electricity pylons. The Wonderful World of Pylons will have you breathlessly turning to such glories as this unrivalled collection of Turkish Pylons, fully illustrated in technicolour.

And if the thought of collecting pylon numbers is not enough to have you hanging on the edge of your PC keyboard, you can always sit back and admire the Driveways of the Rich and Famous while munching the mouth-watering delights of Edible Insects.

Spot any forlorn and neglected traffic cones recently? Nurse it back to luminescent health with the help of the
Traffic Cone Preservation Society (as if you didn't have that one bookmarked already!).
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