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Advertising on Romulus 2

Romulus 2 offers an opportunity to use the most effective type of advertising there is - direct targeting to a specialist community, guaranteeing that the people who see your ads are the very people who are most likely to respond.

Romulus 2 is one of the oldest and largest websites catering to computer enthusiasts in the UK. In addition to features such as news and guides, the site includes a highly popular message board and the Feedback Arena, a dynamically generated user reviews section where firms are automatically rated in a chart - unique in the UK. Our readers range from novices with their first computer to avid overclockers to IT professionals. According to our
Demographic Surveys, most have a good disposable income and all have one thing in common: a strong interest in almost anything to do with computers.

Latest Approach

In line with current thinking, Romulus 2 encourages brand awareness advertising. After the recent rethink on the best direction for internet advertising, the consensus is that the traditional method of branding tends to be more effective than the expectations of direct click-through sales. Romulus 2 provides an ideal platform for promoting brand awareness.
Romulus 2 Ad Rotation & Tracking System

Romulus 2 employs a sophisticated system which allows instant ad loading and switching, either throughout the site or in specific sections.

Each advertiser is given password access to their own Administration account where their statistics can be viewed online. The statistics are constantly updated and include both impressions and click-throughs,
in an overall summary and also in daily and monthly charts.

Ad Specifications & Rate Card


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